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Hoernersburg Lego Castle Cross-Section
Lego Castle



Hoernersburg Lego Castle
Medieval Lego Town & Cathedral Tour

This is not an official Lego website.

Hoernersburg Lego Castle Keep

Welcome to the Hoernersburg, a mighty make-believe Lego castle. Take a guided tour of this soaring Lego castle and nearby medieval Lego town building-by-building, room-by-room and discover some interesting facts about the Middle Ages.

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You can also jump to a specific tour stop:

►Tour Stop 1: Lego Castle & Great Hall

►Tour Stop 2: Lego Castle Keep

►Tour Stop 3: Lego Castle Outer Ward

►Tour Stop 4: Medieval Lego Town

►Tour Stop 5: Lego Cathedral & Monastery

►Tour Stop 6: Lego Half-Timber Farm House and Barn

►Tour Stop 7: Lego Alpine Village Church


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Last Updated Sunday May 20, 2012