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Medieval Legoģ Town
- Tour Stop 4 -

Town of Legoland
Showing left-to-right: Inn of the Jumping Fish,
Tailor's Atelier, Tinker's Atelier, Augustinian Monastery,
and Barbican which leads to the Outer Ward

Map of Lego Castle and nearby townTown Center

Across the drawbridge from the Hoernersburg Lego Castle is the town of Legoland. This town is filled with all sorts of shops and buildings and lots of exciting things to see and do. On this tour stop, we'll visit several shops and buildings near the town center.

Bird's Eye View of
Legoland's Town Center
(click picture for larger view)


Inn of the Jumping Fish*

Here is the Inn of the Jumping Fish. People visiting the town can spend the night here or get something to eat or drink. The innkeeper is in charge of the inn. He is also its owner.

(*Inspired by Crossroads Tavern designed by Daniel Siskind)

Inn Interior

The Lego Inn is hinged and can be opened to view the interior.

Sign above shop

Shop Sign

Above each shop in town is a sign indicating what sort of shop it is. Thatís because most people canít read. The sign over the Inn is a keg and tap. Keep your eyes open for other signs in the town and see if you can guess whatís sold there.

Keeper of the Inn


This is the innkeeper. Owning an inn carries a lot of responsibility. He has to make sure itís cleaned, maintained, and serves good food and drink.

Guests Eating

Great Blood Sausage

Here are a few guests having something to eat. This Inn serves some of the best blood sausage and sauerbraten in town.

Inn Guestrooms


Upstairs are plenty of guestrooms. Try to be quiet, it looks like someoneís trying to take a nap.



Hereís a guest using a Chamberpot. These are particularly useful on cold nights if the privy is located outdoors.

Woman Grape Stomping

Grape Stomping

Before grapes can be made into wine, the juice needs to be removed. Here is a girl stomping on some grapes with her bare feet.

Tailor's Home

Tailor's Atelier

Next weíll visit the Tailorís Atelier. This is where the Tailor makes clothing for people that can afford it.

Many craftsman are required to turn wool from a sheep into clothing fit to be worn. A Spinner turns wool fibers into yarn. A Weaver turns the yarn into cloth on a loom. A Fuller cleans the cloth. A Dyer colors the cloth. A Tailor turns the cloth into clothing.

However, most people make their own clothes, usually by spinning and weaving the cloth themselves. Poor people canít afford to dye their cloth. Poor men usually wear a shirt and linen breeches held up with a piece of string tied around their waist. Sometimes they wear a tunic on top. Women usually wear a linen smock with a loose fitting tunic over that.

Glass of Wine

Welcoming Cellar

Hey, look what I see in this cellar open to the street. A welcoming goblet filled with wine. Oops, just an illusion.


Sweeping Laws

Notice this man sweeping the walk. There are certain laws about cleaning your walkways on Saturday.

Tinker's Home

Tinker's Atelier

Here is a good example of a Half-Timber Building. This is a common form of construction in which walls are made of a wooden frame filled with wattle and daub. Between the large timbers, narrow sticks are woven in and out. Then, theyíre covered over with Daub. Daub is made from mud mixed with straw, cow hair and dung. By the looks on your faces, youíre obviously aware that these walls donít smell so good. Wait Ďtill it rains.

This building happens to be the Tinkerís Atelier.

Tinker Shop Interior

Like the Lego Inn, the Tinker's Shop is also hinged and can be opened to view the interior.

Tinker's Workshop

Tinker's Workshop

The Tinker mends and makes brass kettles, pans, and other metal ware. Here is a young Apprentice helping him out.

Things for Sale

Tinker's Wares

The Tinker has lots of interesting things for sale.

Tinker's Family

Tinker's Family's Quarters

Like other Ateliers, the Tinker's family lives upstairs. This is his daughter Hildegard.

Tinker's Wife

Tinker's Wife

Over here is his wife working hard. Upstairs, you can see that they have a large wooden cask for taking an occasional bath.

Tinker's Barn


Next to the Tinkerís Atelier is his barn. This is where he keeps his cart and horses. If you look carefully, you can see one of his sons hoisting some hay into the top of the barn.

In Germany, many of the barns are right in the town. Folks that have crops go outside the town during the day to work their fields. They come back to town in the evening.

Mason's Lodge

Mason's Lodge

This is the Masonís Lodge. Itís a temporary workshop where the Master Mason is designing and overseeing the building of the Cathedral. It can take decades to finish a Cathedral.

The Master Mason oversees an army of workers: Quarrymen, Rough Masons, Freemasons, Lime-burners, Morter Makers, Basket Boys, and many more.

On the ground you can see some Tracery. This is carefully cut stone filled with precious pieces of stained glass. When itís finished, it will be placed into the Cathedral wall.

Next to that is a Sculptor chiseling away at a statue for the Cathedral.

Goldsmith's Shop

Goldsmith's Atelier

Here is the Goldsmithís Atelier. The Goldsmith makes gold articles, such as chalices, patens, and crucifixes for the cathedral. Because his shop is well-protected (because of the gold), many people also leave their money here for safekeeping.

The Guildhall is where members of a guild meet. All craftsmen belong to a particular craft guild.

Before someone can become a Master Craftsman, he must start out as an Apprentice. After gaining experience, he becomes a Journeyman. After many years, when he finally presents a "Masterpiece" of his own work to the guild, he becomes a Master and can open his own shop.

Town Dock

Town Dock

Raw materials for the Craftsmen arrive daily on boats. When the boats leave, they take with them finished goods to sell in other towns up and down the river.

Legoland Town Gate

Town Gate

The town of Legoland is well protected. It is surrounded by a tall wall. Entrance to the town is through the Town Gate.

Town Sentry

Town Sentry

The Town Gate is closed at night and a Sentry keeps guard.


This town gate has a Glockenspiel. A Glockenspiel is an animated tower clock that plays music and tells a story with mechanical figures. This one tells the story a saintly hooded girl who beleaguered young King Rudolf around town until he mended his ways.

Town's Postern Gate

Postern Gate

A secondary entrance into the town is through the Postern Gate. This gate has a scary face from which burning tar can be dropped. It serves to scare troublemakers away.

Covered Wall-Walk

Covered Wall-Walk

On top of the town wall is a covered Wall-Walk. This is a footpath from which sentries can keep watch.

Private Gardens


From on top the Wall-Walk, the gardens of many ateliers are visible. People like to tend their gardens, where they mostly grow vegetables instead of flowers.



On the other side of the Wall-Walk is a sight not quite as appealing. Here is a garderobe whose droppings fall straight to the ground.

Jousting Lists


Outside the town are the Lists. This is area of land where tournaments take place. Spectators in the Pavilion like to watch heavily armoured knights charging at each other on horseback, each trying to knock the other off with his wooden lance.

Dubbing a Knight


Look! Hereís a squire being dubbed a Knight.

Good Knights follow a code of conduct, known as chivalry. This code demands that he should be brave, truthful, Godly, faithful, and fearless. He should especially behave honorably towards women. He is expected to help anybody in need that calls for it.

To become a knight, a boy starts his training as a Page at about age seven. At age fourteen he becomes a Squire. On the day before a Squire becomes a knight, he goes to church with his armour. In front of the altar with sword in hand, he kneels in front of the altar for ten hours without food or drink. This is a test of self-discipline. He prays and thinks deeply about the meaning of chivalry all night. At dawn he confesses his sins to a priest. Then, he eats a big breakfast before heís finally dubbed a knight.

Holy Roman Emperor

Royal Visitor

Wow! Look, the Holy Roman Emperor is coming to town. The Holy Roman Emperor rules over lots of other Kings, Princes and Barons throughout Germany and much of Europe. Charlemagne was the precursor to the first Holy Roman Emperor.

Normal Measurement Rod

Hoernersburger "Normalschuh"

After entering the town, we glimpse a rod called the "Hoernersburger Normalschuh". This is a standard length that merchants must use for measuring. It helps keep them from cheating.

Legoland Town Square

Town Square

Next, weíll make our way to the Town Square. This is a large public area in front of the Cathedral.

In the Town Square there are many Market Stalls from which Merchants are selling their goods. Hats, gloves, musical instruments, fabric, pots and pans, girdles, swords, capes, saddles, apples, roasted chestnuts and Pigs Ears.

Wild Bear Trainer

Bear Tamer

Take a look at the Bear Tamer. He can make the bear stand or sit or wave its paws. He can even put his head into the bearís mouth and live to tell about it.

Town Fountain

Town Fountain

The Town Fountain is in the middle of the Square. Itís where townspeople fetch their water. A little metal channel pours water into their bucket.

Miracle Play

Miracle Play

Traveling Actors and Troubadours often come to town and put on Miracle Plays in front of the Cathedral steps. They show stories from the Bible or the lives of the saints. This play is about Saint George and the dragon. Letís watchÖ




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