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Sites to Ponder

The Four Levels of Happiness
How happy are you?

Lord of the Rings: Christian and Catholic
This book (and movie) are deeper than you may think. For even more links on this topic, click here.

Catholics Come Home
An invitation to learn more about the Catholic Church.

Coming Home Network
If you're a non-Catholic and have questions about the Catholic Church, this site can answer them.

Catholic Answers
All sorts of answers to hard questions.

Catholic Culture Website Reviews
This site provides reviews of Catholic websites and tells how Catholic they really are.

Scott Hahn Links Page
Strangely enough, Dr. Hahn was a protestant minister who converted to the Catholic Church by way of Scripture.

Priests for Life
A website dedicated to informing others about the impact of abortion. Did you know that over 3000 unborn Americans are lost to abortion every day?



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Last Updated Tuesday May 05, 2009